Geordie Shore’s Chloe Ferry poses for 28th birthday snaps but fans warn her ‘be careful’

Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry poses for 28th birthday snaps but fans warn her 'be careful'

The reality TV star has been sunning herself in Ibiza and posing for some saucy shots. Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry has celebrated her 28th birthday and she’s done it in her usual understated style. After several days in Ibiza simply the nightlife, she shared pictures of a sun-drenched celebration today (Thursday).

The first picture showed her astride a paddleboard in sparkling blue water. She’s holding a champagne bottle like a microphone and wearing a red halterneck bikini with white piping and a notable gold watch and shiny gold ring.

In the second image, she is on her front with an unidentified man holding her bottom, red bikini in place with gold watch and ring easy to spot. And in the third image, she shows off a close-up of the watch, which turns out to be a Rolex – the ring, as revealed in her stories, is from Cartier.

Fans are concerned about the close-up shot, though, as her arm is freckled in a way they did not expect. Many jumped in to warn Chloe of the danger of sun damage.

Gypsie__Princess said: “No way is that your arm it look so old be careful in the sun,” while Myrasidd agreed, adding: “Looks like a different arm? Unless u really photo shop your pics to make your skin look flawless cause that does not look like that arm belongs to you.”

Lianneallison hit back at those passing comment, saying: “This lass could post a picture of her toe and you’ll all be like ‘that toe photoshopped’ give it a rest man,” and alex_heasman added: “Seriously, does anyone not have anything better to do than moan about her arm get over yourselves.”

idontlikefish87 enjoyed one of the picture particularly, posting: “Happy bday beautiful… the man handling booty pic. You are wonderful x”

It’s not clear who the hands belong to, but Chloe was back with her on-and-off boyfriend Johnny Wilbo earlier this year. The beauty fan has also been hard at work recently relaunching her business, The Beaute Lounge in Newcastle.


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