$450 Million Patrick Mahomes Enjoys Gala Event With Better Half as Brother Joins Race With Three-Word Message

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The 2023 NFL Draft has given many a reason to celebrate, especially Philadelphia Eagles fans. While the Draft continues grabbing eyeballs, Kansas City needed their hero to step in. Patrick Mahomes led the Kansas City Chiefs to their second Super Bowl ring in the last four years and coincidentally the 2023 NFL Draft also chose Kansas City as its unraveling ground.

The NFL Draft holds a special place for Mahomes, as his open letter resurfaced recently and left many of his fans short of breath. When it comes to showcasing their excitement ahead of the draft, social media has been the most convenient for Mahomes and family, while one particular member still hopes to be re-accepted by fans.

Patrick Mahomes’ home edition of the NFL Draft

The Kansas City Chiefs have been in a celebratory mood as of late. And the 2023 NFL Draft being held on their home turf has incentivized the Chiefs to get innovative with their efforts. While Travis Kelce seems immersed in the Kelce Bowl, his leader Patrick Mahomes found his own little celebration the place to be.  Also present at the party was Travis Kelce’s ex-girlfriend Kayla Nicole. While Kelce and Nicole seem to have moved on, Brittany Mahomes still holds the latter in high regard.

Brittany Mahomes and her outfit caught the most attention, as fans could not help but gush over the multi-utility pants she donned. Brittany’s party was also applauded by her brother-in-law, Jackson Mahomes, who until recently steered clear of social media, “Best Party Ever”

However, fans were quick to remind Jackson of the deep legal trouble he has found himself in after a video of him forcibly kissing the female owner of a club took over the internet. With the Mahomes family struggling with their own demons, one of Patrick’s recent decisions also divided the Kansas City fanbase.

Mahomes gets what he wants

Patrick Mahomes is winning both on and off the field. The quarterback has maintained an impeccable record when it comes to leading his team to at least the AFC Championship game. Needless to say, the Chiefs’ front office trusts Mahomes and his judgment, hence the addition of Rashee Rice.

The Chiefs picked up Rice in the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft, but only after consulting their supreme leader. Mahomes had earlier worked out with Rashee Rice in Dallas and was left severely impressed. Next was the conversation with Chiefs’ GM Brett Vache, and another offensive weapon was added to the Chiefs. With Patrick Mahomes showing his confidence in Rice, the young phenom would have to keep up with the expectations and prove that the Chiefs emerged victorious out of the 2023 NFL Draft.


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