Aaron Rodgers acknowledges he’s being traded on The Pat McAfee Show: ‘I want to play for the New York Jets’

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This Wednesday, over 465,000 viewers tuned to The Pat McAfee Show to see Aaron Rodgers address his NFL future, a tremendous audience for the former NFL punter’s Youtube show, but proving once again that he’s leaving his mark in sports media with his original coverage of the NFL.

During the first minutes of his introduction Aaron Rodgers explained that he wasn’t in the show to make an announcement of his future, but rather stating the current status of the affairs.

Aaron Rodgers says he wants to play for the New York Jets and is time for the Packers to do right by him, while taking time to praise Jordan Love, saying his a ‘f***ing great kid’, that will be very succesful in the NFL

Aaron Rodgers on The Pat McAfee Show

Aaron Rodgers says the Green Bay Packers told him they drafted his replacement due to him being on a decline of his career, adding that no one from the front office regime that general manager Ted Thompson, who drafted him in 2005, are no longer with the franchise.

Rodgers explained that when he was in the darkness retreat, the Packers started shopping him to teams for a potential trade and he realized they’d decided to move on, while also stating that he doesn’t feel like a victim, but he would’ve love for the team to had been clear with their intentions from the start of the offseason.

Aaron Rodgers talks about his darkness retreat with Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk

Aaron Rodgers talked about his four day darkness retreat and how that experience helped him to have more clarity on what he wants to do in the immediate future, saying that this was a much needed rest for his body and his mind.

He said that by the third day he started hallucinating due to sensory deprivation, not because any “vitamins”, meaning drugs, were taken.

Rodgers acknowledged he went in to the darkness retreat with a 90% chance of retiring, as he felt it was time to call it a career, which could explain how he wanted to hold on to the last jersey he used in the last game of the season against the Detroit Lions, after refusing to trade it at the end of the loss.


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