Andrew Tate in jail: New lawyer gives major update


Andrew Tate was arrested along with his brother Tristan on accusations of human trafficking on December 28 and currently awaits trial in Romanian custody. Tate’s new lawyer Tina Glandian recently provided a major update regarding her client’s detention.

In a recent interview with Piers Morgan, Glandian complained about Tate’s living conditions and limited access to attorneys. She also claimed to have not received any proof of her client’s guilt and noted that he’s yet to be charged. Urging the public to consider them innocent until proven guilty, Glandian said in an interview with Piers Morgan:

“The brothers are both very strong, they are resilient and they are holding up but obviously the conditions are not good. They are in a Romanian jail cell and they’ve been detained for a very lengthy period at this point. They have limited access to their attorneys, it’s not a good condition for them.”

“They are controversial public figures but that’s not a crime and at this point we’ve not been provided any proof that they’ve committed any crimes nor have they even been charged. So I would ask that people presume them innocent as they are.”

Catch Glandian’s comments below:

Watch the full interview below:

Tina Glandian has previously worked with the legendary Mike Tyson, as well as musicians Michael Jackson and Chris Brown.

Andrew Tate allegedly threatened victims with violence

Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan are being held along with two Romanian women, Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu, close associates of the brothers. The brothers are accused of coercing victims into pornography after initially seducing them with promises of marriage and relationships.

One victim claims to have been forced to earn a minimum of €10,000 (£9,000) a month on social media platforms, under the threat of physical violence. The news was first reported by the BBC, who saw the leaked testimony:

“The alleged victim continued working to a strict schedule… staying live on TikTok for 12 hours with only a five-minute break”

“forcing her to earn a minimum of €10,000 a month and threatening to beat her if she didn’t perform her job”.

Andrew Tate’s victims were also allegedly slapped with fines if they failed to post on the OnlyFans platform.

While some victims deny being exploited by the Tates, the court claims that those statements “do not reflect reality” as victims of human trafficking are often unaware of the exploitation they are subjected to.

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