Andy Reid: I hope Eric Bieniemy gets a head-coaching job, I’d rather not have it be in Denver

Bieniemy and coach reid


Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has said for years that he thinks Eric Bieniemy should be a head coach, and he continues to say so. But he’s hoping not to have to coach against him twice a year.  Asked about Bieniemy’s head-coaching candidacy this week after the Broncos’ job became available, Reid said he wants Bieniemy to get a job but doesn’t want it to be that one.

“I know what he can do, I’ve said it 100 times and I haven’t changed my opinion on that. I hope he gets an opportunity. I’d rather not have it in Denver, but I hope he gets an opportunity,” Reid said.

Bieniemy is in his fifth season as the Chiefs’ offensive coordinator, and he has been a candidate for several head-coaching jobs, but he still doesn’t have one. Bieniemy could make a lot of sense for the Broncos, as their offense needs a shot in the arm and Bieniemy is Colorado’s all-time leading rusher and a former Colorado offensive coordinator. And his presence would add some interest to the Broncos’ AFC West rivalry with the Chiefs.


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