Bills QB Josh Allen Shares Wholesome Dream for Buffalo This Season (Video)



With every NFL season comes a renewed push from teams and their fanbases focused on fulfilling the ultimate goal of running through the postseason and winning a Super Bowl.

Among the favorites for the Lombardi Trophy this season are none other than Josh Allen and the 9–3 Bills, who have been knocking on the door for the past three seasons. Allen’s rise from a promising first-round pick to legit MVP contender has given Bills Mafia plenty of reason to be excited, and yet, Buffalo still sits on the outside looking in after falling short of making it to the big dance on numerous occasions.

But, as the franchise zeroes in on possibly the best opportunity it’s ever had to win a Super Bowl, the magnitude of bringing a Super Bowl to a fanbase that has endured many trying years is one that continues to resonate strongly in Allen’s mind. The star quarterback shared just how much that dream means to him during a recent appearance on The Pat McAfee Show, when he was asked if winning for the city is a driving force in the locker room.

“That is a huge conversation, that’s something that gets brought up a lot. I dream about it all the time,” Allen said. “I dream about the Super Bowl parade and what that’d be like. I know, it sounds corny but, I know what I would say right after the Super Bowl to the fans here and to the city. So, obviously we got to go out there and we got to get it done through our actions, but it’s extremely fun to think about. It will be extremely special to be a part of, God willing, we can get it done.”

While Allen may have stopped short of sharing any specifics, one has to assume the parade or the QB’s speech will involve at least one broken table at some point. But then again, as Bills Mafia has already shown, the celebration would likely get out of hand from the second the QB uttered a single word.

Getting the ultimate job done is a mission Allen and Co. have nearly found a way to accomplish in each of the last three postseasons. Since 2019, Allen’s second season, the Bills have posted winning seasons but saw their postseason runs end in the wild card round, AFC championship game and divisional round, respectively.

Although winning the Super Bowl is not a dream unique to any NFL franchise, it’s still refreshing to hear any player, let alone one of Allen’s caliber, let their guard down and give an answer that falls outside the realm of “coachspeak.” It remains to be seen if this is the year the Bills finally get over the hump, but Allen certainly sounds like a man hoping to make the dream a reality for Bills Mafia.


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