Bucs’ GM Jason Licht: “May Leave Flashlight” on for Tom Brady

tom brady jason licht


Buccaneers’ General Manager, Jason Licht, commented on a Tom Brady return during his press conference from the NFL Combine.

The greatest quarterback of all-time, Tom Brady, decided to finally call it quits after the 2022 season. In a short, but sweet goodbye to Tampa Bay, Brady let the whole world know that he was indeed done playing the game of football.  However, with that announcement came speculation – is he really done? This wouldn’t be the first time Brady has retired and then subsequently unretire in the same off-season. Exactly a year before he “officially” announced his retirement following the 2022 season, Brady retired for the first time.

And yet, here we are still wondering if there is any signs of life that Brady will make his way back to the game. Buccaneers’ general manager, Jason Licht, also is holding onto a little hope that the GOAT will once again decide to unretire and make his way back to Champa Bay.  On Tuesday, during a press conference in Indianapolis, Indiana for the 2023 NFL Combine, Licht let everyone know that the Buccaneers will still ‘leave a light on’ for Tom Brady if he did decide to return.

It is hard to imagine that Brady will do the unprecidented and unretire for a second time. Unfortunately for the Buccaneers, Brady’s retirement has not only left them with a quarterback problem, but a salary cap issue as well.  Brady retiring is costing the Buccaneers upwards of $35 million in dead salary cap money for 2023 and with him retired the likelihood that Blaine Gabbert will no longer be on the team, that leaves them with only one active QB on the roster, Kyle Trask.

Brady is not coming back to play hero anytime soon for Tampa Bay, so the front office will have a lot of work to do to hopefully build a contender in the NFC South and get some competition for Trask to go against in training camp to see who ultimately will become the new starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


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