Chiefs’ Andy Reid on his first impression of Travis Kelce: ‘Damn, he’s cocky’



Chiefs coach Andy Reid’s appearance on the “New Heights” podcast was released Wednesday, and it didn’t disappoint.   Reid talked about a range of topics from his time as head coach of the Eagles and the Chiefs.  That included his thoughts on drafting both podcast co-hosts: Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and Eagles center Jason Kelce.

“Yours was really easy,” Reid said to Jason Kelce. “You’re a great player. A little bit undersized but had tremendous toughness, speed, you were smart and dirty tough and so that was an easy decision. And we needed a center so you fit in. We just got rid of all that linebacker stuff in you, gave you the hard mud and cut you loose.”

Reid said he saw Travis play for the Cincinnati Bearcats in a game against Temple.  “My son kept telling me this tight end is unbelievable. (Jason) Kelce’s brother is incredible,” Reid said. “I mean he’s 265 pounds and he’s a beast. … So I’m going to bring back a memory for you. Game’s over, they just destroyed Temple, and I come over to the locker room. (Jason’s) there with your mom and (Travis) comes beat-bopping out and just giving me the business like we’re long lost friends.

“And deep down I’m going ‘If I get my hands on that son of a buck I’m going to rip his heart out.’ But I played along with it. Cocky, cocky, damn he’s cocky. But listen, I knew the roots. I knew the (family) roots.”   Reid said Travis Kelce was the top tight end on the Chiefs’ board and they got him in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft.

“So for the first five years, it was a war, the last five years has been unbelievable,” Reid said before mentioning the “Catching Kelce” dating show starring Travis.  “He traveled the country to 50 states. I knew this show would be easy. … We’ve named plays after it. We’ve had our fun.”  Travis said: “And that play has been a hell of a play for us.”

Reid admitted if he had not already known Jason Kelce it would have been tough for the Chiefs to draft Travis Kelce, who at one point was kicked off the Cincinnati football team.  Ahead of the 2013 NFL Draft, there were rumors about Travis Kelce’s character.

“Like I said, for like the first five years those rumors were pretty close,” Reid said. “For the next five years, (he’s) been awesome. I’ve watched him blossom into a leader and I mean, he’s always been a great player, but a tremendous leader, big heart. Teammates love them.”  Here are some other highlights from Reid’s appearance on the podcast.

Second Super Bowl title felt better

“Yeah, I think it did feel better actually and it wasn’t because it was the Eagles, that’s not the reason,” Reid said. “The first one was a whirlwind, everything was moving fast. The second one was weird because of COVID, and we lost. And then the third one, you were able to kind of step back and take everything in. You still know there’s a challenge ahead of you coming up for the season but you’re still able to enjoy that moment there. I’ll remember that part, where the first one was a little bit foggy.”

Reid’s Mt. Rushmore of burgers

Reid said: Town Topic, Five Guys and Whataburger because he wants to support Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. He’s part of an ownership group that opened Whataburger restaurants in KC.   “We’ve got to do that because he doesn’t make enough money,” Reid quipped.

Favorite play-call of all-time

“It was the Snow Globe. Yeah, I like that one,” Reid said. “That was kind of fun.”

Travis Kelce, the quarterback

Reid joked about Travis Kelce’s interception against the Giants in 2017: “He wanted to see if he could beat my Punt, Pass and Kick record.”

Kelce got to throw another pass in the 2020 season, on a trick play against the Buccaneers. It didn’t end well.   “Then he comes back and we’ve got this play we called the Black Pearl and it was a beautiful thing,” Reid said. “We get Tyreek (Hill) to toss it to Kelc and Patrick goes in the end zone, although he almost stepped out of bounds and he should have been deeper. One corner plays both of them. But your brother choked.   “Not only that, so this is like in the first, second quarter, it ruined him the rest of a game.”


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