Chiefs HC Andy Reid provides injury updates after win over Titans

travis and coach


The Kansas City Chiefs escaped their Week 9 overtime victory over the Tennessee Titans without sustaining any significant injuries.  Chiefs HC Andy Reid addressed media members after the game and opened up giving them his usual run-down of the injury situation. Despite a gritty and hard-fought game, the team came out on the other side relatively injury-free, suffering only minor injuries.  “I don’t have a lot of injuries to talk about,” Reid began. “Deon Bush tweaked his left knee a little bit, but not too bad.”

Bush made multiple key tackles on special teams, including a two-yard loss on the punt return unit in the fourth quarter. It’s unclear when he hurt his knee, but it sounds like it wasn’t serious enough to keep him out of the game.  At one point during the second quarter of the game, rookie CB Jaylen Watson was injured on the field after forcing an incomplete pass against Titans WR Chris Conley. Watson was down on the field for some time before getting up and walking off under his own power. As it turns out, the injury wasn’t serious, but quite uncomfortable.  “Jaylen Watson really just got faceplanted in the dirt and got dirt in his eyes,” Reid said. “But everything worked out OK.”

You can actually see all of the dirt getting kicked up into Watson’s face in the featured image atop the article. Both players came down hard, so they’re probably lucky there wasn’t anything more substantial.  As always, there could be something else that pops up when the team returns to practice ahead of their Week 10 game next week. For now, it appears the Chiefs managed to come out of this game healthy.


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