Comic Nerd Coco Gauff Passionately Fangirls Over This Superhero for Being So Relatable – ‘A Teenager Who’s Trying..’

Coco Gauff


During childhood days, almost every kid was interested in comic books and had a favorite superhero, if not later in age. However, when it comes to the young American tennis sensation Coco Gauff, she still relates herself to this superhero. Any guesses? Spider-Man. Yes! Gauff’s favorite superhero is one from the comics.

Moreover, Gauff likes Spider-Man, not because of his heroic exploits, but also because world no.8 could relate to him the most. During the talk with a young YouTube influencer, Gauff revealed her favorite star and the reason; why she admires Spider-Man so much.

What are the traits that the American tennis prodigy could relate to the most?

Why does Coco Gauff admire spider-man?

Everyone has reasons to term Spider-Man as their superhero, and so does Gauff. And hence, during her talk with a young influencer, on Her Way Her Story, the young American tennis prodigy answered the question. She revealed, “I guess in a very figurative way, and Spider-Man himself is a teenager, does big things. And I’m a teenager who’s trying to do big things and I just feel I can relate to him a lot.”

She further opened up about a more general reason for her love for superheroes. She said, “I love superheroes. I love the idea of the impossible being possible. We don’t really have superheroes like with powers and everything in real life.”

However, Gauff, like everyone else, believes that superheroes do exist in real life; in some form or the other. As she further added, “But we definitely have real-life superheroes, with their own type of power. So I think its comics are a reflection of the world.”

Unsurprisingly, the Roland Garros finalist has been open about her love for spider-man. And has shared it with her fans and followers on several occasions. One particular instance involves when Gauff had difficulty securing tickets for the movie, SpiderMan: No Way Home. Though in the end, Gauff was able to secure tickets for the movie.


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