Confused Patrick Mahomes Sought a Special Favor From Enthused Fans: “Am I Allowed…”

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Patrick Mahomes can take a bit of a breather now that the AFC top spot has been clinched. The Kansas City Chiefs QB, who has been breaking records and setting the bar higher, is on a quest to win the Super Bowl title once again.

But, with the NFL’s regular season coming to an end, Mahomes, like other fans, has tuned into the College Football Playoff’s national championship game. The stage was set for the Georgia Bulldogs to take on the TCU Horned Frogs. Mahomes, whose loyalty lies elsewhere, was conflicted over which team to root for. So, here’s what he did.

Patrick Mahomes, for once, was unsure of what to do

Patrick Mahomes is Texas Tech’s pride and joy. The QB revealed that he wanted to see the Big 12 team win, but he was on the fence because of one particular reason. The QB took to Twitter to ask, “I want to root for the Big12 but am i allowed to root for TCU?” Mahomes did not know whether it was acceptable for him to root for Texas Tech’s rival- the TCU Horned Frogs.

This was quite the conundrum. On one side, the QB’s loyalty lay with his conference, and on the other, the urge to support TCU. The QB consulted fans on Twitter. But that did not help the situation much. Although the tweet may have been rhetorical, fans gave Mahomes a mixed bunch of answers.

Football fans rush to the aid of Mahomes and help him through this conundrum

Fans took the QB’s conundrum quite seriously. Some urged Mahomes to stay loyal to his alma mater while others encouraged him to support TCU. One fan asked the QB a very valid question:

This user remarked:

One fan thinks that if the roles were reversed, TCU would root for Texas Tech.

In the end, the TCU Horned Frogs went down 7-65 against the Bulldogs. For all those who were wondering how the QB managed to carve out time to watch the game, the Chiefs are currently enjoying their first-round bye week after clinching the top spot in both their division and conference.


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