Does Andy Reid not talk to Rookies? LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson reveal Chiefs HC’s shocking coaching tactic



Andy Reid apparently does not like speaking to rookies, and LeSean McCoy and DeSean Jackson can attest to that.   Almost a year ago, the former Eagles running back and return specialist revealed on I Am Athlete that the Chiefs HC never approaches rookies first. Instead, rookies have to prove that they deserve his attention:

LeSean: Andy Reid don’t really talk to rookies. That’s his rule. He don’t talk to rookies. (to DeSean) Did he talk to you?

DeSean: Not really.

LeSean: He didn’t say much to me. You gotta earn it.

DeSean: He love you to death. Father coach, loves his players, but you gotta earn it with him.

However, Reid knows an excellent rookie when he sees one. After the Chiefs defeated the Cincinnati Bengals in last season’s AFC Championship Game, he praised his rookie defensive backs Jaylen Watson, Joshua Williams, and Brian Cook, who stepped up in the injury absence of L’Jarius Sneed.

“It’s crazy how those things work, but the kids stepped up. They didn’t lose their confidence. I was optimistic, but you don’t know how the journey is going to go. Here we sit and they did a good job.”


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