Eagles Players Continue Blasting JuJu Smith-Schuster

Juju Smith-SchusterALONE


Former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster is under attack from Philadelphia Eagles players after he posted a viral TikTok calling out Philly’s defense after the Super Bowl.  A month removed from the defensive holding call by James Bradberry that set the Kansas City Chiefs up for their second Lombardi under Andy Reid and Patrick Mahomes, Smith-Schuster is still hammering the situation.

He started by posting a Valentine’s Day meme of Bradberry. Then, two weeks later, he posted a video recalling the Super Bowl incident.

Eagles players have since responded. It started with A.J. Brown sliding into Smith-Schuster’s Twitter messages telling him to stop talking about the play. Now, cornerback Darius Slay has reacted to the TikTok video.

“Come on, JuJu, ya’ll trolling,” Slay said on a his stream. “And it rubbed me the wrong way. Since ya’ll want to be out here clowning, and stuff, an All-Pro CB, one of the best game, did what he did. Of course he got a holding call, I honestly hold every play. Just like you offensive guys push off every play.”  The beef between the two sides seems to be gaining traction and it’ll be interesting to see if Smith-Schuster responds like he did last time when everything blew up.


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