“Everyone Sucks Mahomes D*ck”: Notorious Last Chance U HC Jason Brown Enrages Patrick Mahomes Fans With Harsh Remarks

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Jason Brown was one of the central characters in the docuseries, ‘Last Chance U’ on Netflix. The coach took over an Indy Pirates football program, which had not achieved a winning record in the last decade. However, in 2017, Brown led the team to a program-best 9-2 record and the school’s first bowl game win. While he looked like a shoo-in for the long-term solution, a controversy swept the coach and hence his tenure came to an early end in the following year. However, recently, he came to the light again due to his rather strange statement about the Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes.

Brown now has his own whisky and cigar brand. On the other hand, he has an active social media presence. The latest adventure of Brown on Twitter was to wage a war against Patrick Mahomes and his fans.

Jason Brown calls out Patrick Mahomes

The Miami Dolphins legend and NFL icon, Dan Marino, is known as one of the best passers in the history of the NFL. In recent times, many fans have shared the highlights of Marino and wondered what he would have done in the modern era of air raid football. Using this tool, Brown compared current passing wiz Mahomes to Marino, and he certainly had a favorite between the two.

The former coach retweeted a post captioning it, “But everyone sucks Mahomes d*ck like he’s never been seen before”. Alluding to the fact that, Marino was the real magician with a football while Mahomes gets all the hype.

Fans react to the blasphemy

As one can guess, the tweet did not sit well with the fans of the Kansas City Chiefs star. There were numerous replies firing back at Brown for his latest take on the QB. Like this fan, who reversed the argument into a point in favor of the MVP favorite.

Other Mahomes loyalist also showed up to defend the guy.

This fan was certainly tired of the tradition of comparing current players to former greats.

While this fan just disagrees with Brown’s never been seen before claim.

For Mahomes, who has only been in the league for 6 seasons, being compared to Marino is truly an accomplishment. The Dolphins legend had 9 Pro Bowl selections with a further 3 All-Pro first-team honors. Marino even won the MVP award in his second year in the NFL, just like Mahomes.

In 17 total seasons, the Hall of Famer threw the league’s highest passing yards for 3 consecutive seasons and 5 in total. Even though he never won a Super Bowl, he was known for release speed and loyalty. His talent and personality made him an idol for many QBs that came after him.


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