‘He Wouldn’t Bulls**t’- Martina Navratilova’s Confident Statement on Step-Father’s Honest Judgement on Roger Federer’s Wife Mirka’s Tennis Prowess

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Miroslava Vavrinec, does this name ring a bell? No? How about Mirka Federer? This sure does evoke the picture of Roger Federer’s wife. Mirka was a formal professional tennis player; though for a short term. However, not many are aware of her tennis career. But she once had a run-in with the 59-time Grand Slam champion, Martina Navratilova’s step-father, and also her first coach. And the tennis legend Navratilova detailed the session in the Swiss Maestro’s recent book.

What did the Czech-American tennis legend’s father have to say about Mirka’s potential?

Navratilova’s coach acknowledged Roger Federer’s wife’s tennis skills

In the 20-time Grand Slam Champion’s recent book by Christopher Clarey, there is an excerpt about his wife’s professional career as a tennis player. Mirka turned pro in 1998, and represented Switzerland in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, along with her then-teammate, Roger Federer. However, before stepping into the professional circuit, it was another tennis ace’s father who acknowledged Federer’s wife’s tennis prowess. As detailed in the encounter between her step-father and Mirka, by Navratilova, in ‘The Master’, “My dad had a session with her and said yeah, she had the potential to play on the tour. I just know my dad gave the green light and said she’s going to be good. That I know. That I’m sure of. “

And later on, when the two families met at the tournament, they hung out together, as Navratilova further added, “So that’s what happened, and then I met the family when they came to the tournament. My parents were there because at that point they could travel, so we all had like a lunch or dinner and hung out, and that was like a year later.”

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Also, the 59-time Grand Slam winner and activist, believes that her father would have been straightforward, had Mirka not had the potential to play on the tour. And her father recognised Mirka’s potential early on. She added, “I think Mirka’s father knew that my father called it like he sees it, …, He wouldn’t bull***t. He would have told them you are wasting your time, or this is possible, so that’s what happened. My father is a straight shooter, and you can see talent. You know if a kid has something, you know it early on. You just don’t know how far it’s going to go.”

Undoubtedly, Federer’s better half was on tour for a very short period. But that didn’t stop her from leaving her mark. She gained a career-high ranking of World No 88 and also claimed 3 titles in 4 years.


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