“I Don’t Care if You Have a Big Bank Account”:Patrick Mahomes’ Friend Renders Powerful Words to Light Up a Revolution

Jerick McKinnon


Every NFL team has important roles and the kicker remains to be an underrated one. While their duties are often overlooked, they play a vital role in scoring crucial points in a game. Even on the Patrick Mahomes-led Kansas City Chiefs, the position of the kicker remains to be an important one. Furthermore, the kicker of the Chiefs is special. Recently, the kicker and the quarterback have had an even deeper connection.

They were able to deliver a second Lombardi trophy to Kansas City. The 2-time Super Bowl champion that played hard alongside Mahomes had an inspiring message from him that went viral on Twitter.   The kicker, Harrison Butker recently delivered a powerful speech at a university to the graduating classes. His speech dealt with the harsh realities of life and how one can overcome the troubles by doing one simple thing.

Teammate of Patrick Mahomes delivers a powerful message

It seems like this year is a great time for Butker and his deliveries. Butker first went on to deliver the winning field goal for the Super Bowl against the Eagles. He also recently delivered a powerful speech to the graduating classes at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He addressed them and ensured that he delivered a message that would help them succeed in their upcoming crucibles.

The kicker made sure he was explicit with the precedence of one’s functions in life and society take over the kind of compensation they usually receive. In his speech, he disregarded the importance of money. Furthermore, he said, “I don’t care if you have a big bank account or you fly private. Many of you in this crowd will achieve these things. Some of you maybe already have but in the end, no matter how much money you attain none of it will matter if you are alone and devoid of purpose.”

He ensured that he was clear about how figuring out one’s purpose in life is a lot more important than the money one earns in their career. Interestingly, this is coming from the kicker who himself is worth $5 million and has a 5-year contract that is upwards of $20 million. Furthermore, fans took to Twitter to react to Butker’s inspiring speech.

Fans sound off to Butker’s speech

Fans were very impressed with the kind of speech the kicker gave. They took to Twitter to appreciate his words. One fan mentioned how they’re proud of their kicker.

Furthermore, fans also thought his speech was very well put.

There were fans who loved the wholesomeness of the speech Butker gave.

However, there were fans who weren’t at al impressed with his speech.

Finally, fnas also spoke about how inspiring the kicker’s speech was.

All in all, most fans were very impressed with the powerful message the kicker was propagating through his speech. His words seemed to have had an inspiring effect on fans.  Fans were truly inspired by Butker’s speech. However, it remains to be seen if Butker’s actions during the coming days reflect the inspirational words he was preaching.


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