“I Gotta Show The Support”: Patrick Mahomes Has an Unapologetic Response to The Lombardi Trophy Incident at the Chiefs Super Bowl Parade



Kansas City Chiefs went on to hit it big while being led to the Super Bowl win with their lead quarterback, Patrick Mahomes. Along with his team, Mahomes went on to overcome a good amount of adversity to bring home a championship win. The Chiefs were able to pull off this amazing feat twice in less than 5 years. Furthermore, the team went on to celebrate the win with pomp and show.

The whole of Kansas City showed up to showcase their support for the team. Interestingly, this brought on a strange interaction that involved Mahomes and the Lombardi trophy.  Mahomes recently appeared on the live version of the Travis and Jason Kelce podcast, ‘New Heights’. As he appeared in front of the crowd with his old teammate, Chad Henne, he spoke about the funny incident that involved the prized Lombardi Trophy.

When Patrick Mahomes handed the Lombardi Trophy to a fan

While speaking on the show, Mahomes spoke about the infamous incident that involved him giving a Lombardi Trophy to a fan. However, during his interview, Mahomes cleared the air and explained the reality of the situation.

Mahomes was first questioned about his drunken actions of giving away the trophy to a fan. However, Mahomes made it clear that he was just handing back a replica he had received. Furthermore, he also spoke about the kind of support he wanted to show the Chiefs’ Kingdom. He said, “He gave me that it wasn’t the real Lombardi.

I mean I’ll admit it wasn’t the real one but it was cool it was a great replica. Dude gave it to me and I mean obviously Chiefs Kingdom’s coming out strong so I gotta show the support.”   Furthermore, Mahomes went on to have an absolute ball at the victory parade that went on to showcase his enthusiasm for the Super Bowl. He even had words for all of those people who doubted the Chiefs’ chances in the Super Bowl.

Mahomes’ drunken support for the Chiefs Kingdom

After winning Super Bowl, this season, Mahomes had a lot to say to the haters of the team. While drunk (and not just off of his Super Bowl victory), the quarterback proclaimed his love for the city. He spoke about how the naysayers had believed that the 2022 season was one of rebuilding. However, the Super Bow win was a natural refutation of the naysayers’ statement. Adopting the ultimate whimsy, Mahomes even had a WWE wrestling championship replica on him.

pm Lombardi Trophy

All in all, the Chiefs quarterback had an interesting manner of celebrating his win. However, it remains to be seen if the quarterback will have the pleasure of doing so at the end of the 2023 season.


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