“I Want To Thank God, Man,”- Mahomes

pm celebrates


Patrick Mahomes did it again. This time, mainly on one leg.  And Mahomes made it known after the game that it wasn’t easy for him to do it.  “I want to thank God, man,” Mahomes told Tracy Wolfson of CBS. “He healed my body this week to battle through that. He gave me the strength to be out here.”

Although more muted than his teammate, Travis Kelce, Mahomes made it clear that he was well aware of the “Burrowhead” talk.  “We showed this place that it’s Arrowhead, it’s not Burrowhead out here,” Mahomes said.

He also had something to say about the habit of Joe Burrow and his teammates of smoking victory cigars after big wins.  “I don’t think we have any cigars, but we’ll be ready to go at the Super Bowl,” Mahomes said.  Indeed they will. And maybe they should pack a couple of boxes of Montecristos for Arizona.



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