“I’m Not Coming in Tomorrow”: Patrick Mahomes Reveals His Physical State After Intensely Physical Game



What a game that was! The Kansas City Chiefs know how to turn the tables. It started as a game where everyone thought the Chiefs would not make it. However, the leading shot-caller, Patrick Mahomes, scrambling with the ball made all the difference. He not only showed exceptional skills but also scrambled thrice. Since he did an intensely physical job, he openly talked about it to the press.

PM15 ran for a touchdown and then for a 2-point conversion against the Tennessee Titans. It was in the fourth quarter. Mahomes resulted in 446 yards, a touchdown, and an interception.

In the press conference, reporters asked Patrick Mahomes how he felt physically. Maybe the Super Bowl-winning QB remembered the tiredness he faced during the game, because he said, “Yeah, it was a battle. I already texted Bobby through my trainer. I said, ‘I’m not coming in tomorrow.’ So uh no, it’s a battle. You know going into this game against this team, it’s always gonna be a battle, it’s gonna be a fight.”

Patrick Mahomes and Co put up a show

The Chiefs were in a dire position and needed some form of a running game. However, their running backs weren’t proving of any help. Then Mahomes decided to do something on his own.


After making a touchdown, Mahomes rushed into the end zone. He dealt with a two-point conversion. Therefore, by the end of the fourth quarter, the score had tied to 17-17.

After his brilliant performance in the game, many fans want him to be considered a top quarterback and also should become an MVP. He is definitely a great scrambler who sees coverage and open rush lanes. Additionally, player number 15 became the first Chiefs player to have consecutive 400-yard throwing games.

Therefore, Mahomes certainly had a game that was intense on his body. The Chiefs will face the Jacksonville Jaguars next Sunday.


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