In Photos: Patrick Mahomes and family celebrate with pomp as 2023 NFL Draft comes to Kansas City

brittany & hus


The 2023 NFL Draft might have remained incomplete without Patrick Mahomes and his family. With Mahomes leading the Kansas City Chiefs to two Super Bowl wins, the QB and his family, by association, are stars for KC football fans. With the draft scheduled to take place in the Kansas City Union, the Mahomes family stepped up their game to enjoy the event.

brittany & husINS

While Mahomes didn’t share photos of himself, star QB shared a video posted by his wife Brittany. Dressed up in red, Brittany even wore her ‘Bronze’ necklace as they arrived at the venue.  Brittany, of course, shared a full length photo of herself with Mahomes.

The couple looked ready to tackle the draft, complimenting each other well.

brittany & hus

pm fam

“Verified Draft Vibes🔥” Brittany wrote.

Jackson Mahomes chose to share a shot with his brother, who was drafted by the Chiefs a few years ago in 2017.

Following his recent controversy, Jackson has just started posting on Instagram again.  Randi Mahomes, who shared a family photo, was the busiest on Draft Day 1. She worked with Variety Children’s Charity on the day of the draft, getting the children to walk the red carpet on the day. Mahomes’ mother, who was missing her mother Debbie, even made sure to remember her.


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