Is Jerry Jones Delusional? Cowboys Owner Believes Dak Prescott Can Improve With Time And Compared Him To Tom Brady

TB12 & DAK


The starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, Dak Prescott, has been playing in the NFL for seven years since he took over from Tony Romo in 2016. Although he has led the Cowboys to the playoffs on some occasions, he has never even reached the NFC championship game. Prescott is 29 years old and will be 30 by the start of next season.

In comparison, Troy Aikman led the team to win the first of their three Super Bowls in his fourth year as a starter. Tom Brady, the newly retired and legendary QB of the Bucs and the Pats, led them to win their first SB in his second year as a starter, and by the time he had been playing for seven years, he had three titles, just like Aikman.

The above is mentioned because the owner of the Cowboys, Jerry Jones, is determined to support a QB who this year will cost him almost $50 million in payroll, and who, in the eyes of thousands of Cowboys fans, instead of progressing, is getting worse.

Dak Prescott is coming off his worst season in terms of interceptions, leading the NFL with 15 turnovers in just 12 games. That, plus two consecutive years of absurd losses to the San Francisco 49ers, has left millions of fans of the Texas team tired. But not Jones.

Jones dares to compare him to Brady

Jones’ recent statements have left more than one person wondering if he’s delusional. Jones commented: “I’ve really felt for quite a long time that Dak has the ability. But I think, like Brady became, in my mind, better and more impactful in how they won as he went through his career, I think Dak really has those qualities. I think he can get better.”

Jones made it clear that the team will not change QB, as he assured that he does not anticipate seeing anything that Prescott does on the field that would make the Cowboys think in a different direction at the quarterback position in the coming years.


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