“It’s a Bad Drug for You”: Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson Gives NFL World Another Reason to Buzz

jackson and mahomes


The Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes happens to be a famed entity in the celebrity world. His stardom didn’t come easy. All those football heroics and hard work eventually paid off. However, there are plenty of others who reaped the benefits of his fame and influence, for instance, Jackson Mahomes, who became an overnight celebrity under the roof of his brother’s greatness.

Recently the 22-year-old dropped a question on Twitter asking fans whether he should get back on YouTube. “should i get back into youtube?” he wrote. Being a social media star, it took no time for his followers to catch the wind. As one would expect, his social media feed flooded with crazy reactions.

Jackson Mahomes happens to be an avid influencer on platforms like TikTok. He boasts more than one million followers and caters to his audience with unrelated content, like posting dancing videos from several locations. His presence on the sidelines watching his brother’s games and reacting to the results were pastime stuff he shared on such platforms.

Once he got popular in TikTok, the youngster ventured into the YouTube business; however, it is yet to gain traction. Currently, he garners 24,000 subscribers on the channel and posts videos, talking about life and his new experience.

From giving home tours to game day fun activities and confronting his haters online happens to be the primary content of his channel. Meanwhile, there were instances when he got severe criticism from the fans.

Does Jackson Mahomes misuse social media platforms?

Well, it’s quite complicated to judge whether he misused the medium or not, but his online reviews did harm a restaurant in Kansas City. Per reports, he went to a party along with his friends and claimed to have received bad service. He asked the followers to name such similar instances that eventually triggered unrealistic activity on the bar’s social media handle.

Ultimately, the outlet called out the criticisms and lashed openly at Jackson Mahomes for defaming their reputation. “Often times people with unearned status and a sense of entitlement think they are above the rules and will lash out at the employee enforcing them,” the bar management issued a public statement.

“We are sorry that you have the reach that you do, or at least that you think you do, and that instead of using it for something positive you decided to use it to try and crush a small business,” it added. Hence, finding the culprit in this scenario happens to be a difficult task. But the readers can get a vague picture of how Jackson utilizes his social media presence.


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