Jackson Mahomes Makes a Special Request After Posting $100,000 Bail Amount

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Three months after the shoving and kissing episode in Overland Park, the Jackson Mahomes saga carries on. The last week came with its own set of developments. Things got from bad to worse when the younger brother of Kansas City Chiefs QB1 Patrick Mahomes ended up in the Johnson County Detention Center in Kansas. Following his release on a massive bond, Jackson Mahomes is not really in a position to make demands. However, that’s exactly what he did this week.

As part of his ongoing investigations and court orders, Jackson Mahomes is not permitted to talk to other witnesses. However, he wants some special favors from the courthouse and hoped for some consideration based on his celebrity status.

Jackson Mahomes wants court order amendment after bond release

Johnson County booked Jackson on May 3 on three counts of felony aggravated battery and one additional charge of misdemeanour. This stemmed from an incident on February 25, 2023, when Jackson allegedly assaulted Aspen Vaughn, a 40-year-old Overland Park restaurant owner. The social media personality also allegedly shoved a waiter in the restricted area of the restaurant. The server also smelled marijuana in the closed quarters where Jackson and his friends ventured. While Jackson’s defense has vehemently denied the charges, the surveillance footage and witness testimonies have made the case significantly stronger against the 22-year-old TikTok star.

Jackson left the Johnson County Jail on a $100,000 bond. However, days after being released on bond, Jackson has a special demand for the presiding judges. After the courthouse prohibited him from maintaining contact with fellow witnesses, Jackson Mahomes demanded an amendment of the said rule as he is acquainted with some of the witnesses and people registered as case defendants.

Specifically, Mahomes has requested to be in touch with 4 people on the case defendant list in the court filing, as per reports from KCTV5.

What else has the court mandated on Jackson and his team?

Previously, Jackson’s attorney, Brandon Davies, had publicly denounced the assault accusations. However, as part of the latest court mandates, the judges also prohibited Jackson Mahomes and his defense team from addressing the charges in public statements.

When it comes to his family, sister-in-law Brittany spoke out in support a few weeks before his arrest. Jackson’s mother, Randi Mahomes, also posted a cryptic tweet on the day of his arrest. “The devil wouldn’t be attacking so hard if there wasn’t something holy inside of you. Thieves don’t break into empty houses. Just a reminder all, Jesus wins,” she said. Whether Randi framed this tweet for Jackson Mahomes isn’t certain.

jackson mahomes from jail

Meanwhile, $500 million QB1 Patrick Mahomes has been radio silent about his brother’s miseries. Either way, the entire family wishes for this episode to be in the rearview. And the quicker it is, the better.


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