Jason Kelce Surprises Daughter, 3, by Shaving His Head After Losing Bet to Brother Travis

jason & daughter


In a clip featured on the Kelce brothers’ podcast, Wyatt reacts to Jason’s new haircut by proclaiming, “Your brain is gone! It’s gone!”   Jason Kelce has a new look — and his oldest daughter had quite the reaction to it.   In the latest episode of Jason and brother Travis’s podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, Jason reveals he lost a bet to Travis, 33, and subsequently shaved his head.

Travis asks Jason, “Jason, any reaction on the new haircut when you got home?” to which Jason replies that one of his “favorite things” is to see videos of children’s reactions to their dads shaving their beards or their hair, so he made sure to capture 3-year-old daughter Wyatt’s reaction.

In a clip featured on the podcast’s YouTube channel, Wyatt reacts to Jason’s new haircut by proclaiming, “Your brain is gone! It’s gone!” followed by, “Your hair is gone!”   After her dad asks her if she prefers him with hair on his head or without, Wyatt declares, “Without!”


Jason, 35, shares daughters Wyatt, Elliotte Ray, 2, and newborn daughter Bennett Llewellyn, with wife Kylie, 33.    The dad of three recently told Last Meals host Mythical Chef Josh Scherer how he passed the time while his wife was in labor with their youngest daughter.   “I was doing a lot of sleeping. There’s not much you can do,” he explained. “You try and get water when your wife is running out of things. ‘Is there anything I can do? Can I go grab things?’ Outside of that, it’s a lot of sitting around waiting for the fireworks to get going.”

“I think the mistake that a lot of dads make, when your wife goes into labor — a lot of times you’re sitting around all day. You haven’t eaten anything all day. And this is why I think a lot of guys pass out. Seriously, their blood sugar levels are low, man.”   “That’s why I’m eating bagels,” he explained. “That’s why I’m trying to get all of this food down. I want to be there.”

“That was the third rodeo. The first rodeo, I didn’t bring a fan, didn’t bring anything. They don’t care about the dads at the maternity ward at the hospitals — as they shouldn’t,” he added. “I’m not campaigning.”


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