Joe Burrow’s GF Olivia Holzmacher’s Sad Photos From Bengals Loss

joe burrow & girlfriend


Joe Burrow’s girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher was on hand to watch the Cincinnati Bengals fall to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.  Just when it seemed like Burrow and Co. had another trick up their sleeve at Arrowhead, the NFL’s referees decided to get involved.  As countless video evidence has suggested over the past 12 hours, the Bengals got robbed hard by the refs – but it doesn’t matter. The final result remains unchanged. Cincinnati is headed home, and the Chiefs are Super Bowl-bound.

Because of how things ended up going, Holzmacher’s photos of everything that occurred on Sunday look all the sadder in retrospect.  There were three pictures of her and her friends getting ready for the outing:  And then one final one of Burrow getting ready, not realizing at the time that his season was about to get stolen from him.

Fortunately Holzmacher has taken the loss in stride – much like her beau. Conversely, Brittany Mahomes has been mocking Burrow and his team nonstop ever since Kansas City pulled out the win.  Holzmacher has emerged as something of a celebrity in recent months. Although she keeps a lower profile than other NFL girlfriends, like say Dak Prescott’s special lady friend, she is still quite popular in her own right.

Between her wild outfits to games and the snaps she has shared of her vacations with Burrow, it is easy to see why she has developed a sizeable following online.

Cincinnati’s season ending the way it did is unfortunate, but Burrow is still only 26 years old. He made it to the Super Bowl last year and would have done it again if the refs were calling a fair game.  This isn’t the end for him.  By any objective measure, the 2022-23 NFL season was a great one for Burrow and Holzmacher. Will history repeat itself in 2023-24? Time will tell.


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