Kate Middleton Is Most Popular Living Royal



2022 and 2023 hasn’t been an easy year for the Royal family, yet they appear to be coming out of the other side, with Kate Middleton leading the way with an astonishing level of popularity.  As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have moved stateside to secure lucrative media deals, Middleton has been working quietly back in the United Kingdom as the Princess of Wales.

Andrew Morton of Lecturas Magazine has produced a blog on the ins and outs of the Royal family.  He has paid particular attention to Middleton’s growth since taking on the position Diana held for many years.  “She feels safe knowing that the monarchy and the Royal family need her much more than she needs them,” Morton penned in Lecturas Magazine.

“The new Princess of Wales appeared relaxed at the BAFTA gala, she looked like a silent movie star as she walked the red carpet.  “She chatted happily with her husband, the future king, even patting him on the bottom in an intimate display of affection, an elegant gesture that Kate executed with her perfectly manicured fingertips.”
Middleton can do no wrong in the UK

Whilst somewhat sycophantic, the above quotes provide an insight into how the wider British public views Middleton.  For people over a certain age, the monarchy is something they have grown up with and is important to them.  For many, the Royal family has grown at the same time as they themselves have, and people like to draw such a parallel existence, despite never actually meeting the privileged Windsor family.

This is precisely why so many people in the United Kingdom have felt let down by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s defection to the United States.  Whether their feelings are justified are not is another debate, especially with the uncomfortable racial undertones a lot of Markle criticism appears to hold, but it has elevated the level of trust in Middleton.  The British public sees her as a safe pair of hands. There is no scandal incoming, she appears a soul that cares for others in public and the public takes individuals like that to their heart.

King Charles hasn’t been the most popular figure due to some of his comments, as well as the fact he is of a different generation to a lot of the public.  It’s a lot easier for people, especially those who don’t necessarily agree with the concept of a monarchy, to warm to someone who isn’t going to directly take the throne.  That is one of the reasons why Middleton is so beloved, and that affection is going nowhere anytime soon.


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