Mack Wilson, Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Exchange Words On Twitter

pat and mom


During the Cleveland Browns divisional playoff game with the Kansas City Chiefs, QB Patrick Mahomes sustained a concussion after a hit by linebacker Mack Wilson.  No one likes to see this happen, regardless of which team you are cheering for.

But, Patrick Mahomes’ mother Randi Mahomes seemed to think there was bad intention in the hit towards Mahomes by Wilson.

How It Started

Randi Mahomes, Patrick’s mother, shared her emotions on Twitter shortly after the incident.  “#51 Wilson that’s some trash football leading with helmet, pulling his head and pushing helmet. Why are you not thrown out!?? Come on NFL.”  #51 Wilson that’s some trash football leading with helmet, pulling his head and pushing helmet.. why are you not thrown out!?? Come on NFL  — Randi Mahomes (@tootgail) January 17, 2021

This was followed up by another Tweet saying:  “#51 evil NEVER WINS!!! Love my Chiefs”  #51 evil NEVER WINS!!! Love my Chiefs  — Randi Mahomes (@tootgail) January 17, 2021

Mack Wilson Addresses Randi Mahomes

Wilson could not have handled the situation more eloquently and professionally.  Randi Mahomes Response  In the end, Randi Mahomes appreciated Wilson’s heartfelt note to her.

This is what sportsmanship looks like.

Football Is A Physical Sport

What Mack Wilson said is certainly true, football is a dangerous, physical sport.  Even with the safest and highest tech equipment available, the risk for bodily injury persists.  Everyone wants their favorite team’s players to be safe.  The point is that sportsmanship must rule the day.

Patrick Mahomes and Mack Wilson

Despite the fact that Randi Mahomes experienced the emotions of all mothers worldwide and was initially angry with Mack Wilson, her son Patrick showed no ill will to Mack Wilson.

After the game Wilson tweeted to Patrick,  “Prayers to @PatrickMahomes. I pray you back next week! Go be great like you have been!”

Patrick Mahomes replied:

“All good brother!”

Will Mahomes Play?

Wilson’s prayers for Mahomes to be back next week brings up the question of whether he will be able to play on Sunday.  Mahomes is in the NFL’s concussion protocol developed by the league in 2011.  He must complete all five steps to be eligible to play in the AFC Championship on Sunday.

1 Symptom Limited Activity
2 Aerobic Exercise
3 Football Specific Exercise
4 Club-Based Non-Contact Training Drills
5 Full Football Activity/Clearance

Two officials are involved in making the decision as to when Mahomes has cleared the protocol.  They are the Chiefs’ team doctor, and the decision is then confirmed by the Independent Neurological Consultant assigned to the Chiefs.  The Chiefs have practices on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week.


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