Mahomes drunkenly give away the Lombardi Trophy? Let’s take a look at the evidence

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If there’s one day per year where NFL players aren’t afraid to get drunk in public, it’s definitely the day of their Super Bowl parade. I mean, who can forget a drunken Tom Brady throwing the Lombardi Trophy off his boat in Tampa Bay.

The Chiefs held their parade on Wednesday and Patrick Mahomes did his best to top Brady’s antics when he appeared to GIVE THE LOMBARDI TROPHY AWAY to a random fan. I’m not sure how Super Bowl parades work because I’ve never been in one, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to give away the Lombardi Trophy.

Mahomes was definitely drinking alcohol for most of the parade, so it’s completely possible that he gave away the Lombardi Trophy, but is that what actually happened? I decided to take a look at the evidence and the evidence shows a surprising answer.

First, let’s look at the clip of Mahomes giving the trophy away.

I’ll be honest, that definitely looks like Mahomes is giving the trophy away. However, the big red flag here is that this video is from the NFL’s OFFICIAL Twitter account. My first thought when seeing it was that there was NO WAY ON GOODELL’S GREEN EARTH that the NFL’s official Twitter account would share a video of a drunken Mahomes giving the Lombardi Trophy away.

Even if I thought that, though, I had to prove it. The first thing I did was scour the internet for a picture of Mahomes holding the trophy that he gave away and sure enough, I found one.

If you look at that trophy closely, you’ll notice there’s a sticker on it and let me just tell you, there is no sticker on the actual trophy. If you look at any images of the actual Lombardi Trophy that were taken on Wednesday, there is no red and white Chiefs logo on it anywhere.

Not only do we have that image, but we have two videos. The first video shows the fan holding the replica Lombardi Trophy and about 12 seconds into the video, we see Mahomes come over and grab the trophy, and then immediately give it back (There are several swear words in the video below, so turn your volume down if you’re at work and you don’t want to get into trouble).

In the second video, the same group of fans are giddy because Mahomes takes their trophy “again.” Not only does Mahomes take the trophy, but he hands it off to Kadarius Toney, who walks away with the fake Lombardi.

At the 18-second mark in the video below, Toney hands the trophy back to Mahomes and that’s where the video from the NFL’s Twitter account picks up the action. (Once again, there are several swear words in the video below, so turn your volume down if you’re at work and you don’t want to get into trouble).

Finally, it appears that the guy who brought the fake Lombardi to the parade actually did an interview with Sports Radio 610 in Kansas City on Friday morning. The guy’s name is Vinnie Garofalo and his story seems to check out.

“I came to the first parade with the same trophy — it’s a replica by the way — he never handed me the real one,” Vinnie said.

So what happened when Mahomes got near him?

“All I’m thinking is ‘get this trophy into his hands somehow, some way,'” Vinny said. “I’m getting pretty hopeful when I see him walking on my side on the barricade. I’m screaming like a teenage girl at a Backstreet Boys concert [to get his attention].”

At the point, Vinny explained that Mahomes took the trophy on two different occasions, which we see in the two videos.

“He takes the trophy, raises it up, walks around, gives me a smile,” Vinny said. “Then he comes back, asks for the trophy again, walks away, gives it to Kadarius Toney. They’re messing around with it, he comes back, I ask him for a picture, he graciously waited for me to fumble around on my phone to get a front-facing camera. Took the picture, handed me the trophy, which is what everyone saw, and went about on his merry way.

The verdict is in: Mahomes was definitely drunk at the parade, but not drunk enough to give away the Lombardi Trophy.


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