Mahomes slams NFL tight ends’ poor pitching skills: “They’ve got to get it figured out



Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is fed up with the poor baseball skills of his fellow NFL players, particularly tight ends. Mahomes’ frustration stems from recent incidents where his teammates and other NFL players have botched the first pitch at baseball games.  First, it was his teammate Travis Kelce who fumbled the first pitch for the Cleveland Guardians on Opening Day.

Now, it’s Arizona Cardinals tight end Zach Ertz who’s under fire for his dismal performance.  Ertz and his wife Julie were given the honor of throwing the first pitch at the Philadelphia Phillies game on Saturday. While Julie’s pitch was on point, Zach’s took a bounce around the home plate. The video of the botched throw made its way around social media and even caught the attention of recently retired NFL defensive end J.J. Watt.

Watt retweeted the video and expressed his disappointment, questioning whether Ertz had ever thrown a baseball before. Mahomes, seeing Watt’s tweet, responded by calling out NFL tight ends for their poor baseball skills and saying they need to get it figured out.  “Tight ends got to get this figured out,” Mahomes tweeted.

Watt replied to Mahomes, asking if NFL tight ends don’t grow up playing baseball like other athletes do. It remains to be seen whether NFL players will heed Mahomes’ call and start practicing their baseball skills.

Mahomes jokes with Mattress Mack about sports betting woes at Kentucky Derby

Meanwhile, on the red carpet before the Kentucky Derby, Mahomes ran into Houston entrepreneur and sports bettor “Mattress Mack.” Mack jokingly reminded Mahomes that he’d cost him millions in previous games, though he didn’t bet against the Chiefs in their recent Super Bowl appearance.

“Sorry about that one. You’ve gotta be with me next time,” Mahomes replied.

As Mack famously won $75 million on the Houston Astros’ World Series victory in 2022, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about sports betting. But for Mahomes, his focus remains on the football field and improving the baseball skills of his NFL peers.


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