“Makes Me Wanna Cry”: Brittany Mahomes Struggles To Control Her Tears

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The Kansas City Chiefs have a great chance at bagging the Super Bowl this year, thanks to their star QB Patrick Mahomes. in the process of cementing his team’s position as a Super Bowl contender, Mahomes has established himself as an MVP candidate as well. Not a day goes by without fans singing his praises. While mercilessly trolling anyone who dares to speak against their hero. But probably the greatest thing fans love about Mahomes is his family. Especially his daughter, Sterling, who seems to have become the latest member of the Chiefs nation.

During the heart-stopping fixture against the Los Angeles Chargers, Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes, was active on Twitter, joining the rest of the Chiefs fans in supporting their team. And as per Mrs. Mahomes, young Sterling was also cheering her father on, screaming “dad!” every time he came up on the TV. A moving moment, indeed.

Brittany’s Tweet about this cute moment garnered a lot of love from supporters far and wide. Especially the Chiefs nation, who are never shy about showering the Mahomes family with love.

Fans find young Sterling adorable.

Patrick Mahomes shows MVP caliber as he solidifies Chiefs’ playoff spot

The Chiefs’ win over the Chargers came at the very last minute of the game, forcing fans to be at the edge of their seats all through the game. The Chargers ended the first half with a 7-point lead, which the Chiefs clawed back in the next two quarters. A last-minute touchdown pass caught by Travis Kelce helped snatch the lead from the Chargers. And in a dramatic ending, Chargers’ QB Justin Herbert threw an interception that sealed their defeat.

Sunday’s win over the Chargers means the Chiefs are now strongly in place to qualify for the playoffs. Although they have not officially qualified, it will need a miracle to knock them off their spot. Sitting comfortably at the top of their division, they are also in line to be the top seed in the AFC. Their only threat in securing a Super Bowl spot is the Buffalo Bills, to whom they’ve already lost once this season. All in all, Mahomes and the Chiefs look set to challenge for the AFC Championship, and the Super Bowl too.


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