“Mamma Kelce, You Should Be…”: Spirited Randi Mahomes Shares Delightful NFL Video That Can Cheer Up Every Proud Mother



Randi Mahomes is on cloud nine. Her son Patrick Mahomes’ shoulders were heavy with the weight of Chiefs Nation’s hopes. With a Super Bowl title hanging in the balance, the QB pushed through the injury concern surrounding his ankle to give it his all. And his perseverance paid off in full. The Chiefs took home the Vince Lombardi trophy and are currently basking in the glory of their victory over the Eagles. However, apart from the Mahomes’, another NFL star’s family had a lot more riding on the big game.

Jason and Travis Kelce were on opposing sides in the biggest game of the season. The Eagles center and Chiefs TE have been a favorite duo, especially after their podcast ‘New Heights’ took off. To have two sons facing each other in the most-anticipated game of the season is a proud accomplishment and Donna Kelce is well aware of it. Randi Mahomes, who also shares the joy of seeing her son on the field, congratulated ‘momma Kelce.’ But her joy had nothing to do with the fact that their sons had accomplished a huge feat. Then why was Mrs. Mahomes so jubilant?

Randi Mahomes applauded a heartwarming gesture

Jason and Travis Kelce have shaken up the NFL world. While the talented brothers’ prowess on the field is incredibly valuable to their respective teams, their banter and overall appeal have gained a following of their own. However, the closeness of their bond truly revealed itself after the Super Bowl.

While the Chiefs celebrated their victory, the Eagles swallowed the bitter taste of defeat. But despite the disappointment, Jason Kelce remained on the field to watch his brother enjoy the fruit of his labor. They also shared an emotional hug at the game, standing by each other despite their positions as rivals.

Resharing ‘The Sporting News’ video of Jason Kelce staying back on the field to watch his younger brother and the Chiefs celebrate their win on her Instagram story, Randi Mahomes made a statement. She proudly said, “This is what family is all about!!! Rooting for each other ALWAYS. Momma Kelce you should be proud.” Proud moms took the center stage at this year’s Super Bowl. However, amidst the spirit of celebration, the Mahomes family has been reportedly caught up in some drama.

The Mahomes family is reportedly dealing with other issues

Randi Mahomes’ younger son Jackson has been far from the NFL world’s good books. While the 22-year-old has built up a following on TikTok, he’s been on the receiving end of criticism from fans because of the content he shares.

Most recently, a huge controversy surrounding his alleged misbehavior with an older woman has stirred up a storm. However, other members of the Mahomes family have not commented on the issue. While the NFL world rejoices in the celebration of the high-profile family’s victories, the curiosity surrounding their internal affairs has become a matter of intense discourse among fans.


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