Matt Nagy: Patrick Mahomes will once again play under the OC that helped him get drafted to the Chiefs

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The Super Bowl LVIIchampions, Kansas City Chiefs, have their new offensive coordinator as they promoter Matt Nagy to the position after Eric Bieniemy’s departure for the same position but with the Washington Commanders under head coach Ron Rivera.

Nagy spent last season as the Chiefs quarterbacks coach, but this won’t be his first rodeo as OC with the franchise, as he previously held this position during the 2016 and 2017 seasons, before being named the Chicago Bears head coach, where he stayed four seasons until he was fired, prompting his return to Kansas City.

Did the Kansas City Chiefs broke the Rooney Rule?

The NFL requires that all teams interview an external minority candidate for every coordinator position they fill, something that Pro Football Talk brought to question after no reports of interviews after coach Bieniemy’s departure had surfaced.

Matt Nagy and Patrick Mahomes’ history

During the 2022 NFL season Patrick Mahomes confessed on the “New Heights” podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce, that Matt Nagy had helped him cheat on the Kansas City Chiefs predraft interview, as the then offensive coordinator viewed him as a unique talent and wanted him to impress head coach Andy Reid

Nagy gave Mahomes a day before his interview, the plays they were going to ask him about, with the quarterback acing the test in consequence, prompting the Chiefs to jump up in the draft board to select him with the 10th overall pick in 2017.


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