Mom Donna Kelce meets with Kelce sons postgame

travis kelce and mother


At the end of the day, it’s all about family.  Travis Kelce was the winner of the unofficial “Kelce Bowl,” as his Kansas City Chiefs defeated his brother Jason’s Philadelphia Eagles in Super Bowl 57.  But as the Chiefs celebrated their victory and Travis Kelce gave a memorable postgame interview alongside Patrick Mahomes, he made sure to see his brother following the game, as the Kelce brothers shared an embrace and briefly spoke as the confetti fell down on State Farm Stadium.  Jason Kelce can be heard congratulating Travis, even cracking a smile and telling him to “go celebrate.” Before they part, both Kelce’s told each other “I love you.”

Mom Donna Kelce meets with Kelce sons postgame

Donna Kelce, the mother of the Kelce brothers, said earlier this week she planned to visit the Super Bowl winning son first following the game.  But she made sure to see both.  Travis Kelce was nothing but smiles seeing his mom run toward him following the victory as the two embraced, as Travis asked her “How crazy is this?”

Mom didn’t play favorites, as she also found Jason and the two embraced each other as they shared a close conversation.


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