Mother Leaves KC Fans Cheering Louder After Revealing Patrick Mahomes’ New Cheerleader for AFC Championship Game: “Get That Decibel Record”

pm & mom


For the second consecutive year, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Kansas City Chiefs will face each other in the AF Championship Game. The nerves are high and so are the hopes of the fans. On Sunday, the new-age rivals will try to beat each other and become the winners of the most crucial game that will send them to the Super Bowl. Therefore, to support the lead QB, Patrick Mahomes, his mother will manage to bring a special guest to the game.

Before the exciting matchup, Randi Mahomes posted an update on her official Twitter account. In the tweet, she wrote that her mother was able to clear her schedule and will watch her grandson play one of the most important games of his life. Also, nanna would raise the octaves and sing for her grandchild. When fans saw that tweet, they could not not react to it. Many excitedly wrote messages for Momma Mahomes to read.

Fans happily support and cheer for Patrick Mahomes

Everybody knows that the 27-year-old is very close to his family. His highschool sweetheart-turned-wife and young brother always come to support him. Although fans do not find them easy on the eyes, they endure it all for their favorite quarterback.  However, the situation would not be the same when nanna would come to support her talented grandchild.

One fan commented:

A fan joked and wrote:

Since Mahomes’ grandmother will attend the game, it will be even more important for him to win the game.

The Super Bowl-winning quarterback will face his rival, Joe Burrow. The 26-year-old Bengal’s QB has defeated 2PM thrice before. Therefore, it will be interesting to see if Joe Brrr can do the same again. The All-Pro QB is ready to play for the AFC title game despite sustaining a sprain in his ankle. Whoever wins the game will also be hailed as the best quarterback. Therefore, Sunday will be an action-packed night for all the Chiefs and the Bengals fans.


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