Mother of QB Patrick Mahomes Hits NFL World With a Noteworthy Revelation

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Today, the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes can afford to have all the world’s luxury and happiness, securing the financial stability of his family and generations to come. However, his mother, Randi Mahomes, doesn’t like to fall back on her son for a living. Recently she gave glimpses of her working lifestyle and quoted a hack to retire in 2023.

Being an independent woman, Randi Mahomes loves to live at her own expense. Well, the same attitude she imparted to her kids to become successful. On New Year’s Eve, she admitted to getting questions from people who were surprised to see her working and earning for the family.

“If I had a dollar for every time someone says “Omg you still work?” I would be able to retire by 2023,” the mother of three wrote on Twitter. These statements resonated a loud message to all those, who wondered why Randi Mahomes wants to live with her own identity rather than being called an NFL quarterback’s mother.

However, that doesn’t imply she dislikes her own kids but makes them aware that she has got enough to live happily. Anyways, these comments soon circulated across the media platform, inspiring her followers to appreciate the Supermom.

Meanwhile, Randi Mahomes works as a private event organizer in Texas, supervising various parties for their clients. Despite working for so long, Mrs. Mahomes finds time for her children and family. In fact, the credit for Patrick Mahomes’ leaning towards the football world goes to his mother, who encouraged him to seriously consider the sport.

While speaking in an interview, she revealed that since childhood, the former Super Bowl Champion had signs of being a great athlete. “From the beginning, I saw Patrick played better than kids three years older than he was,” she said, via HERLIFE magazine.

“I went to my niece’s game, and we put Patrick out there. At three, he did better than those older kids. Officials allowed me to have him ‘play up,’ and I put him on teams with older kids. It was always that way.” she added.


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