Moving From Charlotte to LA, Baker Mayfield’s Wife Cannot Thank Him Enough: “I’m Feeling Thankful Tonight”


Baker Mayfield has had a turbulent year. The quarterback has gone from team to team and has finally settled in LA. The constant moving around has not just affected the quarterback, but his wife as well. There is no doubt that the married couple is a team in this journey. She recently opened up about her feelings after leaving Carolina.

Mayfield’s wife has voiced out her support and her emotions concerning the moving around. She voiced out her love for her husband and spoke about the friends she made along the way.

Baker Mayfield and his wife’s journey

Baker Mayfield was recently released from the Panthers. It was supposedly an amicable split and Mayfield had asked for the release. He was then picked up by the Los Angeles Rams. In the midst of this, Mayfield’s wife, Emily Mayfield, addressed the leave on her social media.

Emily expressed her gratitude for her time in Carolina. Furthermore, she mentioned how she has gone on to meet some wonderful people during her time in Carolina. She said, “I’m feeling thankful tonight. For the whirlwind, the chaos, the craziness.” She also mentioned how grateful she is to be on this journey with her husband. She expressed the amount of love she has for her husband. She admitted proudly that she is very grateful for the person he has become. Subsequently, she said, “I’m really proud of where we are and where we’re going. Grateful for the man you are today, and how you handle adversity with nothing but grace!” Mayfield left the Panthers after some changes in the order of the play made by the interim coach.

Mayfield’s reason to leave

The Carolina Panthers had recruited Steve Wilks as the interim coach. The coach made some personnel changes in the playing lineup. Mayfield, a first-round first-pick, suddenly went from being QB1 to a third-stringer. He was replaced by Sam Darnold as the first quarterback with PJ Walker playing back-up. Mayfield had shortly asked for a release, per Wilks.

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Lack of playing time and being placed as the QB3 is speculated to be the reason for Mayfield to ask for a release. However, when he was released, the Rams owner expressed his excitement to have the quarterback play for them. The question here is will LA be Mayfield’s relatively permanent residence or is it just another stop on his search for his team?


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