MVP Patrick Mahomes Inspires Fans in 20 Seconds Amid Mom’s Panic Tweet on a Stormy Day

patrick mahomes and randi martins


Patrick Mahomes is enjoying the offseason after a very successful time on the football field in 2022. But he has already started preparing for the next NFL season. He recently inspired his fans for more than 20 seconds through a video. And amid all that, his mom sent out a tweet almost in a panic.

While the Kansas City Chiefs QB won’t just rest on his laurels of winning the Super Bowl for the second time, Randi Mahomes updated the fans on a brewing storm.

Patrick Mahomes sends out a 20-second inspiration

Patrick Mahomes has already started preparing for the 2023 NFL season. And he gave the fans a glimpse of the preparation that is going on behind-the-scenes. The Chiefs QB shared a 20-second video of an intense workout session. Surely that would have inspired his fans to take action.

The Super Bowl 2022 MVP lifted the Vince Lombardi trophy just over a month ago with a win over the Philadelphia Eagles. But he knows that once the season restarts, all the old records will be of no use. So he is raring to go and create some new records.

As he prepared for the NFL storm that lies ahead, his mother almost panicked due to the one brewing in Texas.

Randi Mahomes almost panics

Patrick Mahomes’ mother Randi Mahomes tweeted an update about the tornado alarms that went out in Tyler Texas. She informed the fans that she was in her safe spot. But it was the alarm bells which were scaring her.

“In our safe spot.. tornado warning. The alarms are scary,” she said in a tweet.

Many fans sent their prayers in reply to the tweet that she must have written in a state of panic. Later, she updated the concerned fans that the storm had passed. But even in that one, she still seemed nervous.

That storm may have passed in Texas but the one brewing in the shape of her son, Patrick, is set to dominate the NFL in the coming years. Since becoming a starter in 2018, he and the Chiefs have never missed an AFC championship game. And out of the five, they won three and made it to the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs not only won the Vince Lombardi, but Mahomes became the first player since the 1999 season to win both the NFL MVP and the Super Bowl MVP in a single campaign. Will he tear the NFL apart next year too?


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