NFL Analyst Bart Scott Says Tyreek Hill Has Been More Impressive Than Patrick Mahomes

Tyreek Hill1

The NFL world was buzzing when the Miami Dolphins made their trade for WR Tyreek Hill.  While some doubted Hill could make an impact in Miami, it’s clear this season he’s dominating as a Dolphin.

However, one NFL analyst is going a step further with the Hill praise.  This analyst is saying how he feels the star receiver is more impressive than Patrick Mahomes.  So which NFL analyst is all-in behind the Dolphins’ top receiver?
Bart Scott Feels Hill Is “Elevating” The Dolphins

With Tyreek Hill, Bart Scott feels the star receiver is more impressive than Mahomes by a long shot.

His reasoning for this comes from Hill going to a team with a “losing culture” in Miami.

However, the Dolphins haven’t been a “losing culture” over the past two seasons.

The Dolphins previous two seasons saw them only one game out from making the playoffs.

Also, they had a winning record for both 2020 and 2021, meaning the team isn’t as bad as Scott says.

While the Dolphins missed the playoffs both years, having Hill on their roster this season does “elevate” them.

With him, their offense is deadly this season.

Scott also notes how Mahomes still has weapons in Kansas City, which is why he continues to thrive.

However, with Hill, he has a whole new offense.

While he’s working with a new QB and news coaches, he’s still having the best season of his career.

With his performance, despite a whole new team, he’s showing why he’s more impressive than Mahomes.


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