NFL analyst highlights importance of Jerick McKinnon to Patrick Mahomes and Chiefs

pm & McKinnon


Jerick McKinnon has signed a new deal with the Kansas City Chiefs and will be back to play next season after a Super Bowl-winning campaign. McKinnon was one of the most crucial players for the team throughout the season, and he came up big on many occasions.   Last season, McKinnon scored 10 touchdowns for the Chiefs and led the league in receiving touchdowns among the running backs. He also helped their offensive line on multiple occasions.

NFL analyst James Palmer recently talked about why the Chiefs wanted to bring back McKinnon and highlighted his importance to Patrick Mahomes and the team. Here’s what he said about McKinnon on NFL Network:   “This is something that they were always going to do and I remember talking to Andy Reid after the Superbowl, and he said, ‘Yeah, Jet is not going anywhere,’ and that’s because of the value he has to this offense.”

“Obviously, led all the running backs in the NFL in touchdown catches because he’s a versatile piece. But you have to look at what they have around Patrick Mahomes, as well. Jerrick McKinnon knows about this offense, it’s almost like another quarterback on the field.”  “It’s almost like another coach on the field the way he understands how everything operates within this system. Jeff McKinnon might know this offense next best after Patrick Mahomes.”

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are favorites to repeat as the Super Bowl champions, and McKinnon’s return to the franchise will be vital for them.   They still have a pretty young receiving core, which is why veterans like Jerick McKinnon and Travis Kelce are important to them.


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