NFL Fans Fail to Hold Back Tears Watching Lamar Jackson’s Heartwarming Landon Gesture


Lamar Jackson is one of the most exciting people in the NFL. The Baltimore Ravens quarterback is a once-in-a-generation talent. But his charisma and generosity extend outside the football field. Recently, Lamar Jackson visited one of his fans and the moment was something special.

Lamar Jackson surprised a young fan at his home before the game against the New Orleans Saints. Landon Berry, who is a Lamar Jackson and Ravens fan, has a heart condition. The young raven couldn’t contain his excitement when he saw his hero and his joy came out in tears.

Fans can always count on Lamar Jackson to do the right thing

Landon Berry, who is a Mississippi resident, has a heart condition and can’t make it to the Ravens games all the time. That didn’t stop him from meeting his favorite football player, Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson. The 2019 NFL MVP surprised Landon at his home and hugged him before giving a shout-out to the LJ8 jersey that he was wearing. Action Jackson is currently having a great season with the Ravens who lead the AFC North Division with a 6-3 record. Baltimore beat the Saints 27-13 last Sunday.

Landon Berry’s father posted the wholesome video on social media and the internet loved Lamar Jackson for this class act. Fans posted their teary-eyed reactions to the tweet.

Lamar Jackson is the first quarterback in NFL history to have 3000+ passing yards and 1000+ rushing yards in a single season. The Heisman Trophy winner from the University of Louisville is also the first QB in NFL history to have four 100-yard games in a single season. It’s no surprise that Action Jackson has the most loving fanbase, and that includes rival NFL teams as well.

Even the Cincinnati Bengals fans had to come around for the ankle-breaker Ravens QB.

Can Ravens reach the Bowl this year?

The 2022 NFL season is witness to some top-notch quarterbacking. Action Jackson has some stiff competition from Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Bills lead Josh Allen. However, no one has Lamar’s style.

Jackson is a dual-threat quarterback and the very best at it. Lamar Jackson holds the single-season rushing record for a quarterback (1206) and topped the legendary Michael Vik to do so.

Bills fans know Lamar is going to be a tough match for Josh Allen, but they had to appreciate the generous Jackson. However, some fans thought a surprise wasn’t the best choice for someone with a heart condition and posted some hilarious responses.

Lamar Jackson will become an unrestricted free agent after the 2022 season and fans absolutely don’t want to lose the electric quarterback and Pro Bowler. Right now Jackson is the pulse of the Baltimore franchise. The Ravens face the Carolina Panthers next Sunday.


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