NFL fans react as angry Tom Brady shatters another tablet

tom brady alone


Tom Brady was called out by NFL fans for venting his anger on his mates during the latest clash against the Saints.

Tom Brady is an absolute superstar in the world of the NFL. For more than two decades, the man has been able to churn out incredible numbers which is why, not many shy away from calling him the GOAT.

However, things haven’t been going well in personal life for Brady. Apparently, his decision to un-retire earlier this year really annoyed Gisele who wanted her husband to give more time to the family.

Amidst all this, fans were a little skeptical about how Tom will perform in the ongoing season. However, thus far, Brady has managed to lead his team effectively.

Tom Brady called out for ‘less than cordial’ on-field behavior

After thrashing the Cowboys in their season opener, the boys from Tampa Bay defeated the New Orleans Saints in their second game.

Although the 20-10 scoreline suggests that Brady’s boys scripted a hassle-free victory, that wasn’t the case until the final quarter started.

By the end of the third quarter, the teams were tied at 3-3 and frustration was creeping up in both the camps as the units weren’t able to dictate plays as per their plans.

Brady was also seen throwing tabs and yelling stuff as his team wasn’t able to score even a single point by halftime. NFL fans were quick to react to Brady’s angry outburst with many claiming that if Aaron Rodgers would have done something similar, everyone would have jumped on the opportunity to take down the Packers QB.

However, many fans also opined that Tom Brady has well and truly earned the right to show his frustration when his team fails to deliver.

Much to Brady’s delight, his boys was able to make their way back into the contest by scoring 17 points in the final quarter. The Buccaneers have well and truly started off brilliantly.

First the Cowboys, now the Saints, they are on a roll and would like to build on the winning momentum by thrashing the Green Bay Packers in their next clash.


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