NFL Fans Reacts To Brittany Mahomes Regarding Her Opinion On Travis Kelce’s Face Mask Penalty

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On Sunday, Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs earned a close-fought victory against the Titans in overtime at Arrowhead Stadium. In that game, Mahomes played incredibly, as he did everything possible for his team. Meanwhile, his wife, Brittany Mahomes, took a dig at the referees for a face mask penalty on TE Travis Kelce.

Notably, Brittany was tweeting in the middle of the game, as she has done plenty of times in the past. Clearly, she was not happy with the refereeing; however, some of the fans did not quite agree with her, as they blasted her on social media.

NFL fans slam Brittany Mahomes regarding her opinion on Travis Kelce’s face mask penalty

Notably, Travis Kelce received a penalty for grabbing one of the Titans’ player’s face masks. After seeing this incident, Brittany Mahomes took to Twitter and wrote, “When they pull the face mask, it’s a flag, since y’all wanna throw flags all night.“

Since Brittany tweeted this, many fans on Twitter blasted her, as one fan wrote:

On the other hand, one fan grabbed a screenshot of the play and took a sly dig at her football knowledge.
One more fan used a sarcastic comment to poke fun at Brittany.

Meanwhile, one fan talked about another incident when Kelce threw his helmet onto the ground and did not receive a penalty.

Another fan questioned Mahomes’ wife’s football knowledge.

One fan posted a hilarious comment and trolled Brittany.

While many fans did not agree with her, some fans showed support for Brittany and called out the referees for missing a lot of calls. One fan argued:

Another fan took Brittany’s side and talked about the Titans’ defender holding Kelce near the end zone.

One more fan thought Brittany was absolutely right.

Notably, this was not the first time Brittany has posted something like this on Twitter. During the week 5 game against the Raiders, Brittany again tweeted in the middle of the game, and called the NFL referees ‘Trash’. After that, she received a lot of backlash from NFL fans on social media.

Meanwhile, Brittany’s husband and one of the best players in the league right now, Patrick Mahomes, had an incredible game against the Titans. Mahomes’ one play in the fourth quarter changed the whole game for the Chiefs. Needing a first down, Mahomes ran with the ball for a 20-yard run, despite the pressure from the Titans’ defense.

In the end, Mahomes threw 446 yards for one rushing touchdown and one passing touchdown. Notably, this was the Chiefs’ 6th win of the season, as they are getting closer to qualifying for the playoffs.


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