Nikki Bella’s Take on Super Bowl Losing QB Jalen Hurts Is Going Viral: “100% Agree”

jalen & nikki


Nikki Bella is never shy about representing and supporting her team, even after a disappointing result. Nobody likes to face the wrath of social media, especially after a close defeat in the finals. However, fans of the Philadelphia Eagles had to hang their heads low after losing out to Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl LVII finals. Despite a sincere effort from QB Jalen Hurts, the chiefs edged ahead in the contest to become the champions. However, fans showed their support for the 24-year-old QB for his valiant efforts throughout the tournament, becoming a key player for his side.

Nikki Bella follows The Eagles till the end of the world

The WWE veteran took to Twitter to cheer the fellow Eagles’ fans in a time of distress. The WWE Hall of Famer also heralded young QB, Jalen Hurts, as the greatest player, following his phenomenal performances throughout the season. Even fans of WWE, who also follow the NFL, reflected her sentiments through their comments. She wrote “Jalen Hurts is my GOAT! My MVP. A History Maker. A Game Changer. Win or lose WE WILL ALWAYS FLY. Until next season…” after the Super Bowl LVII final.

The Chiefs put up a brave performance, but Hurts deserved a trophy for his display.

Other Chiefs supporters thought this is the best run the Eagles will have for quite some time.

However, loyal fans of the club reminded everyone that victories and losses do not matter in the grand scope of things.

Most Twitter users thought Hurts deserved all the praise, however, the NFL Quarterback needs to focus on staying composed till the final whistle. As Patrick Mahomes and Kansas taught them a tough lesson, in the final moments of the game.

The sun will rise again on The Philadelphia Eagles and Jalen Hurts

The Philly Eagles lost out on a close margin to Patrick Mahomes’ side. However, fans believe their conquest will continue right where they left off. And aim for the trophy next season, coming back stronger than ever.

Moreover, Nikki Bella’s unwavering support for the Philadelphia Eagles cannot be questioned. She praised Jalen Hurts and hailed him as the most outstanding player. Therefore, fans echoed her sentiments and supported the 24-year-old through this tough time.


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