“Our First Date Was At..” Brittany Revealed Beginnings of Love Affair With Patrick Mahomes

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Every NFL couple has had an interesting story of how they began dating and how they got together. The superstar couple, Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Mahomes are no exception. The Chiefs QB and the social media influencer have always been a picture-perfect couple with a wholesome family and their beginning was one of the sweetest ever.

Just a few months before the arrival of their newest family member, Bronze, an old YouTube video took the internet by storm! The YouTube clip was chock-full of interesting tidbits about the couple’s journey from their first date. It also contained juicy tidbits about the couple’s journey and how they fell in love. Brittany even dishes out the deets on where the magic happened during their first date.

How did Brittany and Patrick Mahomes actually begin?

In the throwback Youtube video, Brittany answers a compilation of her fans’ questions on an Instgram Q&A sesh. She drops some cute information about her and the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback. Furthermore, she goes on to mention how old they actually were when they got together.

Brittany shared, “Okay so we were 16 years old in high school and our first date was at olive garden.”  The influencer also let slip the cute detail that she and Mahomes have been high school sweethearts. “We met in high school we have been together for eight years.”

Interestingly, the video went viral pre-wedding bells for the lovebirds. Brittany spilled the beans on wedding prep and gave us a peek into the as other little nuances of their relationship. But wait, there’s more! she also tackled the struggles of being an NFL wife, a topic close to her heart.

Brittany’s toughness amidst hateful comments

In the video, Brittany has gone on to reveal how she deals with the ill comments that she might face online. It seems the NFL wife struck gold with a brilliant strategy for handling her haters two years ago. She took to the Q&A to reveal how she deals with it.

She went on to share, “People can be very mean but ultimately you have to have a tough skin and be strong, and know that those people’s opinions don’t matter and just don’t respond or engage with them at all on social media.”

Brittany and Mahomes are still serving up #RelationshipGoals as they clock 8 years of marriage! With their picture-perfect union, the only thing left to wonder is what kind of magical moments they’ll create next!


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