Patrick Mahomes and NFL Fans Stunned After a Sensational Comeback Saw Jaguars Roar From 0-27 to 31-30

Trevor Lawrence


The stars have aligned for the Jacksonville Jaguars. It may have become one of those moments when the underdogs conquer the head of the table. The monumental comeback sealed the Jags’ divisional-round stance and trashed the LA Chargers’ playoff hopes. The NFL Universe was also in disbelief at what they saw on their screens.

The Los Angeles Chargers arrived at TIAA Bank Field hoping to conquer the Jaguars. However, the franchise had a radical twist of fate after the first two quarters. The Bolts picked the lead, but it took no time for Trevor Lawrence and the Jags to pick a comeback and sweep the entire thing.

The Jacksonville Jaguars made an outlandish rally to sweep the Wild Card round over the Los Angeles Chargers. The Bolts faced a one-point deficit (30-31) at the hands of the ultimate underdogs.

Several NFL Fans and athletes are in disbelief at something they saw as the most unpredictable comeback.

Patrick Mahomes saw it as a crazy moment.

Pat McAfee had two words.

Skip Bayless heaped praise over the Jags.

Despite the Chargers having a better position, it took just two quarters for Trevor Lawrence and the Jags to fire back. But in the process, Jacksonville and Los Angeles also scripted history.

Bolts and Jags scripted history!

Los Angeles may have charged things up with their lead. But it took no time for the Jags to bounce back, just as New England did against Atlanta in Super Bowl LI. After sealing their divisional-round playoff berth, the Jaguars wrote history after picking up a 27-point comeback. It becomes the third-largest in the league’s postseason history.

Jacksonville could set records in their franchise history after sealing their biggest comeback wins. On the contrary, the Chargers had a blowout moment after dropping a blowout lead in the franchise’s history.

While Shad and Tony Khan would be proud, it would be a desperate flight for the Bolts as they fly back to Los Angeles.


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