Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ new NFL play has fans branding it ‘mad disrespectful’

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NFL fans were dumbfounded by a play from the Kansas City Chiefs in their AFC victory over the Las Vegas, that resembled a dance from a traditional nursery rhyme

Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs were branded ‘mad disrespectful’ as stunned NFL fans reacted to their unusual ‘snow globe’ antics.  The Chiefs were in playful mood as they defeated the Las Vegas Raiders to seal top seed in the AFC.

And Chiefs head coach Andy Reid showcased his wild offensive creativity as the team’s unique pre-snap routine resembled a dance to a traditional nursery rhyme in the school playground.  The Chiefs caught the eye of NFL fans when they chose to huddle and spun in a circle, dancing in the style of ‘Ring Around the Rosie’ while leading 14-3 late in the first half.

Quarter-back Mahomes led his team in the bizarre spinning merry dance sequence that dumbfounded the Raiders and NFL supporters alike.  The Chiefs were honing in on the endzone taking to the field on second-and-3, but the play was no gimmick as they quickly broke into a shotgun formation and ran their offensive play.

Running back Jerick McKinnon took a direct snap and faked a handoff to Kadarius Toney, who pitched the ball to Mahomes, who then found Toney for an exhilarating touchdown.  Unfortunately for the Chiefs, they could not bask in the celebrations for too long as the touchdown was wiped out for a holding penalty.

But there was clearly method to the Chiefs madness as Mahomes revealed at full-time that the official play was even given its own name.  “We call it ‘snow globe’ because we drew it up right before Christmas, and we actually practiced it as like kind of messing around and Coach Reid was like, ‘I like that,” Mahomes said.

“And so we put it in the game plan and it worked, but we had a holding penalty so we didn’t get a touchdown so we had to think of something else cool.”

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Fans reacted in their droves to the amusing play, with user @thegoodlindo claiming the move was ‘mad disrespectful’. “This so disrespectful to the raiders, I’m loving it,” @Jayysnn agreed.

“They playing ring around the rosie,” @duragslim noted. “Nobody takes the Raiders seriously lmao,” @ChargersBias wrote, suggesting the Chiefs showed no respect at all for their opponents.

“This has the be the most disrespectful thing you can do to the other team,” @MatthewBysor27 asserted.

Mahomes and the Chiefs could replicate their deceptive antics in the playoffs after their convincing victory over the Raiders confirmed a first-round bye.


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