Patrick Mahomes, Following Russell Wilson’s “Best Husband” Recipe, Donned the Chef’s Hat for Wife Brittany



When it’s the offseason, NFL athletes get busy in spending time with family and engaging in other pursuits. It’s family time that most quarterbacks prefer because once the season begins, they are packed for another six months in a row. For players like Russell Wilson and Patrick Mahomes, this time is reserved for pleasing their wives by cooking them their favorite dishes.

NFL quarterbacks are multi-talented stars. They are proficient in several things apart from football, and cooking happens to be one of those things. While speaking in an interview, Wilson once spoke about his food preparation skills. He mentioned that his wife Ciara, loves ribs, and he often prepares them for her.

Following in his footsteps, Chiefs quarterback also became the kitchen king. Patrick Mahomes was recently seen preparing some delicious cuisines while his daughter Sterling Skye, and Brittany shot the entire video and posted it on social media. Instantly, it circulated across the internet, with fans making it viral on platforms like Twitter.

Patrick Mahomes is very disciplined in terms of diet

To perform at the highest level of the game, it is quite essential to remain fit and maintain a strict routine. The two-time Super Bowl champion has been very focused in this domain and has a nutrition-rich diet. He eats three fine meals a day. According to Jason Pham of the StyleCaster, the gunslinger likes to keep it light by making sure that he does not consume too much food at once.  “I usually eat four to five meals a day. I eat breakfast, then lunch, and then spread out my dinners to make sure I’m not eating too much at any one time,” Mahomes had said in an interview.

“I’ve gotten much better with my nutrition as of late. It’s something you have to take care of when you get to the NFL to stay in the best shape possible. It’s so important.” he added. The situation is not different for his other counterparts. In fact, some of them have an unbelievable nutrition plan.

Russell Wilson spends $1 million on his body

Even though things are quite gloomy for the Broncos passer, he never compromises on his daily routine. Apart from being a fitness freak, Wilson has a great diet plan. According to reports from Business Insider, he has appointed two chefs to look after his calorie intake, which amounts to something around 5000 cal per day. In order to increase mobility, it is essential to stay lean, and for this purpose, his chefs work day and night to fulfill his demands.

The reports suggest that he spends $1 million every year, and the results are quite evident in his physique. “It’s a process. It’s a lifestyle. I think when you are trying to play, as long as I’m trying to play. I’m trying to play until I’m 45,” Wilson had said, per the media outlet. It will be interesting to see how he performs in the coming season.


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