Patrick Mahomes’ Mother Revealed What Made Her Son Reverse His Decision To Quit Football

pm and mom


Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes once was ready to quit football before he went on to become one of the poster boys of the NFL. While adversity was something that Mahomes grew up on during his formative years, losing in high school was disheartening. Despite feeling low, it was his mother, Randi Martin, and her guidance through the rough times.

The Mahomes family is collectively high on Christian beliefs, and the suggestion of prayer helped Mahomes attain clarity. According to a Sports Illustrated report, “Mahomes, in fact, nearly quit football the summer before his junior year of high school, according to his mother, Randi. He’d played safety as a sophomore and felt he didn’t get a fair shot at the position he wanted, quarterback. Rather than enter a QB competition as a junior, he figured he’d concentrate on basketball and baseball.”

However, his decision to continue striving and working hard for a football career paid off and culminated with a victory in Super Bowl LIV. Mahomes reached the pinnacle of American football while winning Super Bowl LIV MVP honors. He has continued his career on an upward trajectory and will be competing for his 2nd Super Bowl title in 2022.

Patrick Mahomes and his Christian faith saved his NFL legacy

Mahomes has been a man of faith throughout his football career. He credits his faith in God for his success in the NFL and playing the game as an act glorifying the almighty. While talking to reports in Miami in 2020, he stated, “As long as I’m doing everything the right way and the way that he would want me to do it, then I can walk off the field with my head held high and be able to be the man that I am.”

His strong belief in prayers and his mother were crucial in allowing the NFL fans to witness greatness on the football field. Last season, Mahomes made 17 appearances while recording 4,839 passing yards, 37 TD passes, and 13 INTs.


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