Patrick Mahomes Reveals How His ‘Fake Mustache’ Made Coach Andy Reid’s Day

patrick and andy reid


Travis Kelce, a tight end for the Chiefs, and his brother Jason Kelce recently had Mahomes for an episode of their podcast New Heights. During the episode, the quarterback spoke briefly about the incident involving his fake mustache and the State Farm advertisement, which made Coach Reid quite happy.

Patrick Mahomes, the face of Kansas City, may come across as fearless on the field, but Andy Reid, his head coach, is the one person he fears the most, especially in the locker room.

According to Mahomes, Reid is actually a very cool guy with a soft heart. Talking about the State Farm ad which had him and coach Reid, Mahomes said, “they approached me and asked if I wanted him to do it after they asked him(Reid) to. I did, of course, knowing how much personality he has. … People just don’t notice it.”

Not to mention that Mahomes and his head coach killed the commercial with their absurd dialogue and antics, which made the audiences laugh hysterically.

Story of The State Farm ad that featured Patrick Mahomes and coach Andy Reid

Andy Reid seems to instil a fear of God in these athletes. Players show the kind of discipline they are required to follow within the squad whenever they are asked to comment on Reid or his ethics on and off the court.

However, a very interesting story regarding the State Farm Commercial was recently narrated by Mahomes which shows that the strict coach has got a soft heart. Mahomes claimed that when the commercial was being shot, Reid was already on the set and had to wait for a couple of hours.

As expected, the coach wasn’t pleased and Mahomes feared that someone was about the get a proper scolding. However, as soon as Reid saw a fake mustache on Mahomes’ face, all the tension in the room disappeared. The coach smiled, everyone was happy and a result, we got a classic commercial.

Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs has established himself as the league’s face after several seasons in the NFL. We’ve grown accustomed to the man in the red seemingly doing something spectacular every week and we are certain that things will only get better with time for him.


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