Patrick Mahomes Shares Nostalgia Inducing Moments From Father’s Illustrious MLB Career

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Patrick Mahomes has etched his name in the history books after winning the Super Bowl LVII with his team, the Kansas City Chiefs. The two-time Super Bowl winner is on his way to being the next GOAT of the NFL after Tom Brady. The QB seems to have acquired the genes of an athlete from his father, the legendary MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes Sr. As the MVP gears up for another tough season of the NFL, he took to social media to share a nostalgic moment of his father’s glorious MLB days.

While celebrating his first marriage anniversary with his wife Brittany, Mahomes shared a moment of nostalgia from his father playing days in the MLB.

Patrick Mahomes shares a clip of his dad’s MLB glory days

In a recent Instagram story, Patrick Mahomes shared a clip, that was a compilation of some of his dad’s best pitches in the MLB during his career with the Chicago Cubs. Just like his son, people widely respected Mahomes Sr. in the game of baseball.

Pat Mahomes had a glorious career that lasted from 1992 to 2003. And it seems like his son is following in his footsteps and making a name for himself in the NFL. Patrick Mahomes himself has quite a career record to flaunt till now. The 27-year-old quarterback has already earned a reputation as one of the best QBs in the game at the moment. This has also given rise to the thought that he will be the one to take over as the GOAT of the NFL after Tom Brady.

With the free agency starting from Wednesday, the Chiefs will also be looking forward to filling up small holes and improving their team, including the backup QB position. While riding high on their championship 2022 season, the Chiefs will like to keep the momentum rolling for another Super Bowl position in the upcoming season of the NFL.

The free agency frenzy to rise

The free agency period is almost knocking at the doors. Teams have already started their restructuring for the new season. With the likes of Jalen Ramsey signing with the Dolphins and Derek Carr with the Saints, teams are already playing big moves to bolster their rosters.

As for the Kansas City Chiefs, they will be looking forward to the free agency period as well. Until then, Patrick Mahomes and the lads can sit back and relax, while the NFL world gears up for an exciting time to come in the next few days.


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